Provincial museum activity

Provincial museum activity


In the Ostrobothnia province, the regional museum responsibility is taken care of by Vaasa City Museums. The museum’s task is to guide, develop and support museum activities and the management and preservation of cultural heritage and cultural environment in Ostrobothnia in accordance with the plan made in collaboration with the Finnish Heritage Agency.

There are more than 100 museums in the area, most of which are local and open-air museums taken care of by volunteers, but among them, there are also specialized museums and cultural history collections. The provincial museum researcher guides local museum work (in Finnish) and promotes cooperation between local museums. The provincial museum maintains the Ostrobothnia museum portal and the museum portal’s Facebook page.

The provincial museum researcher advises on matters such as the storage, cataloging, conservation and maintenance of collections, the maintenance and repair of museum buildings and their surroundings, as well as exhibitions and audience work. The provincial museum researcher offers his expertise on local history related projects and participates in official work related to cultural environments.

The provincial museum researcher gives advice, issues opinions on the Finnish Heritage Agency applications for grants from local museums, and monitors their use.

For more information on provincial museum activity, contact the provincial museum researcher.

Collaboration and the museum portal


The problems of small local museums are often similar and it is therefore important to develop cooperation between museums. The regional museum’s task is to organize, in cooperation with other actors, training for the local museum staff, in the form of provincial museum days and seminars. The provincial museum has issued Kapsäkki, the Ostrobothnian museums’ newsletter, which contains articles from the fields of art, natural science and history. The published newsletters can be read online below.







The four-language Ostrobothnia museum portal maintained by Vaasa City Museums contains information about museums in Ostrobothnia and, partially, South Ostrobothnia. The museum portal is also the first museum portal in Finland to be published in Russian. The museum portal is on Facebook. Add your own museum to the museum portal if it is not already there!