On display

You’ve Changed 

Jennifer Lipkin & Svetlana Bogatcheva + Jan Lehmus & NAOWAO



– A time that has reshaped the world, divided us and simultaneously forced us to return to the essential:

The exhibition “You’ve Changed” examines creation in a world of change. It seeks to remind us of the transformative power of art, and its ability to serve as a source of enthusiasm, stability, purpose, and belief in the future.

The exhibition stems from the conversations the artists Svetlana Bogatcheva and Jennifer Lipkin had during the pandemic, spring of 2021.

The artists shared experiences of empowerment, despair, immobilization, digital togetherness and a longing for connection to others and the outside world. Materiality, color and a dedication to the creative process became a source of comfort for both artists during these trying times.

Bogatcheva and Lipkin serve as artist-curators of the exhibition. With the aim of creating a complete narrative they have combined personal and collaborative works, as well as pieces created from a place of dialog with the invited artists Jan Lehmus and Nao Wao.

The exhibition works are multifaceted in the broadest sense of the word. With architectural installations, immersive digital and audio works, experimental sculptures and abstract paintings, Bogatcheva and Lipkin invite the audience to multisensory moments.

For more information: www.youvechanged.net


Jennifer Lipkin. What goes up, 2022

About the artists:

Jennifer Lipkin (b. 1991) is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in design and architecture. She creates multifaceted works with an emphasis on research, intuition and a physical starting point. Lipkin wants to create meaningful experiences and thought-provoking moments by emphasizing a sensory approach towards aesthetics. Through atmospheric installations, interactive sculptures and cross-modal paintings, she encourages the viewer to discuss, reflect, and above all to moments that require presence. In all her works, she emphasizes the use of color as an act of repetition.

Lipkin has exhibited at art galleries, festivals and design exhibitions and been commissioned by companies such as Iittala, Lumene and Issey Miyake. Lipkin is represented by Galleria Azur in Madrid. She has studied architecture at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette (2017) and holds a master’s degree in art from Aalto University: School of Art, Design and Architecture (2019).

Jennifer Lipkin works from her hometown Vasa and studio apartment in Helsinki.

Svetlana Bogatcheva (b. 1986) is a multidisciplinary artist from Vaasa. Bogatcheva creates collage, word art, installation and sculpture, emphasizing experimentation as a critical part of the making. Sometimes her ideas come out of visions and dreams that are patiently awaiting their moment. Other times, she begins her process by looking for materials in industrial and urban skips, flea markets and hardware stores. Thereafter she develops new ways of working with the unconventional materials, often combining various media and techniques.

Bogatcheva creates works characterized by a strong sense of materiality – a play on dimensions that harness time, gravity, heat, and light. Her works are powerfully rooted in our time and simultaneously explorative of the eternal questions about purpose, identity and transformation.

Bogatcheva has studied New Media and Innovation at Hyper Island, Sweden (2007) and worked in digital media and innovation in the UK, Sweden and Italy. Bogatcheva has exhibited in Finland and internationally as a part of her art career, most notably at The Royal Academy of Arts in London and CICA Museum in South Korea. Bogatcheva is represented by Tsivrikos Shake Gallery in London.

Svetlana Bogatcheva. Please forgive us, 2022.

Jan Lehmus (Erakko) is a musician and sound artist based in Kokkola. Lehmus traces the passage of time and fleeting singular moments by documenting and charting soundscapes. He studies the emotional and psychological impact of various sounds and vibrations. This is done by archiving recordings of multiple instruments, mundane objects, cities’ ambience, and nature’s sounds.

“Auditory Illusions” is the outcome of Lehmus’ collaboration with Lipkin and Bogatcheva for the exhibition “You’ve Changed”. The audio work is an ecosystem of sound, composed of various sound sources throughout the exhibition, creating an immersive experience that transcends time. The work utilizes binaural beats and field recordings in a cohesive 30 min loop. This creates various narratives as the visitor moves throughout the space. Jan Lehmus began his exploration of the power of sound with the aim of creating altered states of mind. This is a way of adapting to the changes and emotions brought on by the global pandemic.

The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, The Swedish-Ostrobothnian Society (SÖS), Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) and The Paulo Foundation have supported the artist’s work and the production process of the exhibition.

Ylin kuva: Liquid Memory, 2022.