On display

The new exhibition opens on April 22!

Johanna Pisto & team: Science and art in an interactive exhibition



Johanna Pisto and a multi-disciplinary work team will implement an interactive exhibition in Vaasa City Art Gallery. The exhibition combines visual art, music, video, design and technology. On the basis of a research project at the University of Jyväskylä, the sensors developed by Kaikuteam are applied to visual art for the first time. The works react to touch, producing sound and moving images at the same time.

The interactive exhibition offers visitors functional art, experimental experiences, varying surfaces, colors and sound worlds. Digital technology has been used in the works, e.g. laser engraving, plane cutting, UV and sublimation printing. The exhibition is created from the interweaving of different participants, materials, perspectives and digital technologies, offering interest to the experiencer.

”Feel the chair, listen to the sound and see how it produces a changing image.”


Visual Artist Johanna Pisto & team

Musicology professor emeritus Jukka Louhivuori (sensor technology)

Musician Antti Peltomaa (soundscape, composition)

Programmer Joel Kivelä (audio and video application, Cathodemer)

Director Sini Riipinen (Cathodemer application operation)

Designer Jonas Hakaniemi (ball and chair, design)

Videographer Sebastian Trzaska (videography, editing)

Gradia / Jyväskylä (media sector)


The exhibition has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Photo: Sebastian Trzaska