Visa Knuuttila: Hypnagogia

12.12.2020-14.3.2021 The HYPNAGOGIA exhibition examines various manifestations of the unconscious of human mind by means of performance and surrealism. Hypnagogia refers to the borderline between the state of being awake and falling asleep, that is where the boundaries of the concrete world are blurred and merged with confusing psychedelia. Right before falling asleep, the human

Benjamin Orlow: A Bright Spring Evening

10.4.-23.5.2021   Benjamin Orlow’s private exhibition A Spring Bright Evening consists of sound, new video works and a group of ceramic, iron and bronze sculptures. The exhibition on display at the Vaasa City Art Gallery is the second part of Orlow’s ongoing work dealing with archetypes and national identity. The first part is the 24-hour

Filmverkstaden 10: When the Light Hits Just Right

29.5.-8.8.2021   When light particles come in contact with light-sensitive emulsion, an image of that light is recorded. After processing, what was at first a latent image, becomes visible. The exhibition When the light hits just right shows where the magic of this alchemic process is coming from, with works by 14 artists. These artists

Elina Helkala: In Memoriam

14.8.-3.10.2021   What will exist in the world after mankind is gone, or what would the world be like if mankind had never existed? These questions form the starting point for Elina Helkala’s private exhibition at the Vaasa City Art Gallery. What preoccupies the artist is our unsustainable exploration of nature. She deals with this

Anna Niskanen: Bower

9.10.-28.11.2021   Bower is an imagined landscape; a composed representation of places the artist has visited. Collecting pieces of nature is part of the experience of travelling, and of an artist’s work process. Shells, cones and branches are treasures we make our own, loaded with great expectations towards memory. When a person travels around, photography


4.12.2021-13.3.2022   Valontaivuttajat (Light Benders) is a light art collective concentrating on light painting photography and its continuous development. Apart from its basic competence, light painting, the group makes light installations such as projection mapping, light sculptures and interactive light works. In Finland, Valontaivuttajat is a pioneering group within the light art form called light