Olli and Bucklan – The Life and Art of the Ehrströms

Tikanoja Art Museum Hovioikeudenpuistikko 4, Vaasa

27.11.2020–25.4.2021     The artist couple Olga Gummerus-Ehrström (1876–1938) and Eric O. W. Ehrström (1881–1934) are great unknowns in Finnish art history. Their most active years were between the 1890s and 1930s. The exhibition about their life and art, which can be seen in the Tikanoja Art Museum, presents the works of both artists in

At Home

21.5.-12.9.2021 The artists of the group exhibition: Arthur Spronken and Varpu Tikanoja, as well as Nuria Junghans, Ree Meertens, Caius Spronken, Siiri Spronken, Kore Spronken and Marjori Overdijk. (NL) In the exhibition At home, we go home, in the concrete sense: To Tikanoja’s home, The Tikanoja Art Museum. In honour of the 70-year anniversary of