Petri Ala-Maunus: History and Utopia of Landscape

30.9.2020-31.1.2021 Artist Petri Ala-Maunus (b. 1970) has become well-known for his large-scale and romantic landscape paintings. The artist’s oeuvre shows how much he can still find in an apparent saturated topic: the landscape. In his first solo museum exhibition, Ala-Maunus presents his latest works, and creates a dialogue with the collection of classics from the

In Good Hands

Ostrobothnian Museum Museokatu 3, Vaasa

19.2.-18.4.2021   What does the past of handicrafts look like in the eyes of modern designers? What kind of inspiration can be drawn from the collection at the museum? The five designers invited to the exhibition In Good Hands will answer these questions, which consists of works from illustrator and designer Anna Alanko, visual artist Hanna-Kaisa

Jan-Erik Andersson

Ostrobothnian Museum Museokatu 3, Vaasa