The Kuntsi Collection – 50th Anniversary of the Kuntsi Foudation

Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art Sisäsatama, Vaasa

13.3.-30.5.2021 The exhibition of the Kuntsi Collection celebrates the Kuntsi Foundation’s 50th anniversary. Consul Simo Kuntsi (1913–1984) established a foundation carrying his name in 1970. The Kuntsi Foundation became known in the 1970s for its candid approach of displaying its ever-growing collection in a public space, the new Vaasa Commercial School. By the initiative of


Vaasa City Art Gallery Senaatinkatu 1 D, Vaasa

10.4.-23.5.2021   Rise strong, you song, rise strong, you song, rise strong, you song From manly lungs! Fly high, fly high, oh tone Fly high, oh tone Of steel and ore! Thors thunder is your voice It explodes, explodes It explodes, with golden wings, onwards! Out of daily strife. Rise sun, rise sun, rise sun

At the Summer House

Ostrobothnian Museum Museokatu 3, Vaasa

7.5–29.8.2021 Ostrobothnian Museum’s summer exhibition At the Summer House presents cultural history of summer houses, summer settlements and cottages in Vaasa region and Ostrobothnia from the end of 18th century until present. The display includes photographs, artefacts and extensive texts. In addition, the public has been able to engage by donating their experiences, memories and

At Home

Tikanoja Art Museum Hovioikeudenpuistikko 4, Vaasa

21.5.-12.9.2021 The exhibition At home is literally a homecoming, a return to Tikanoja’s home, The Tikanoja Art Museum. In honour of the 70-year anniversary of the museum, the generations stemming directly from the Tikanoja family present themselves in a group exhibition. Several of the Counsellor of Commerce Frithjof Tikanoja’s children were artistically gifted. The second

Filmverkstaden 10: When the Light Hits Just Right

Vaasa City Art Gallery Senaatinkatu 1 D, Vaasa

29.5.-8.8.2021 When light particles come in contact with light-sensitive emulsion, an image of that light is recorded. After processing, what was at first a latent image, becomes visible. The exhibition When the light hits just right shows where the magic of this alchemic process is coming from, with works by 14 artists. These artists have

1868 – 2021 – 2068

Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art Sisäsatama, Vaasa

12.6.-24.10.2021 Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art’s summer exhibition, 1868 I 2021 I 2068, brings forward wide social structures and problems that have deep effect on people’s lives in present as well as in the past and future. The series of years in the name of the exhibition symbolise this timeline. The starting point of the

Erik Johansson – Places Beyond

Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art Sisäsatama, Vaasa

12.6.-24.10.2021 The internationally successful photographer Erik Johansson is on display for the first time in Finland. The Swedish artist's solo exhibition Places Beyond is exhibited at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in Vaasa. The artist Erik Johansson (b.1985) has succeeded in creating large photographic works containing visual impossibilities that mislead the viewer towards surrealism due

Elina Helkala – In Memoriam

Vaasa City Art Gallery Senaatinkatu 1 D, Vaasa

12.8.–3.10.2021 What will exist in the world after mankind is gone, or what would the world be like if mankind had never existed? These questions form the starting point for Elina Helkala’s solo exhibition at the Vaasa City Art Gallery. The artist is preoccupied by our unsustainable exploration of nature. She deals with this theme

Jan-Erik Andersson

Ostrobothnian Museum Museokatu 3, Vaasa

17.9.2021-13.3.2022 Jan-Erik Andersson (b. 1954) has, during his forty-year career, been calling into question the rules of society and art with his surprising and narrative works. The artist’s multifaceted production includes both performances, spatial art, video, photo and sound works, sculpture as well as architecture. At the Ostrobothnian Museum, we can see a varied display