Performance day in Vaasa City Art Gallery in the exhibition Dripping Cavities 12.12.

Visual artists Valentina Gelain & Bekim Hasaj will be engaged in performative acts related to the projects presented in the exhibition ‘Dripping Cavities’, in Vaasa City Art Gallery throughout the opening hours. These performative acts will bring changes to the exhibition, introducing other works in relation to the interactive installation ‘Drops – close, on our own’ and the ‘Over-painted’ series.

Gelain, in gray, will be focused on distancing from the audience and, in solitude, abstracting from the environment by wrapping herself among the growing threads that will complete the second element of the artwork, and reinforcing the message of it.

Hasaj, following a peculiar process, will unfold two canvases that have been worked in different stages and filled on different levels, now multi-folded, and will reveal the form of the completed work and bring a last unseen piece in the series.