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On display

At Home


Varpu Tikanoja, Untitled, 1972, oil, private collection.

The exhibition At home is literally a homecoming, a return to Tikanoja’s home, The Tikanoja Art Museum.

In honour of the 70-year anniversary of the museum, the generations stemming directly from the Tikanoja family present themselves in a group exhibition. Several of the Counsellor of Commerce Frithjof Tikanoja’s children were artistically gifted. The second youngest, Varpu Maria Tikanoja (1928-1983), was oriented towards visual arts and studied art history and fine art. When her art studies brought her to Italy, her life found a new direction also in other way. In Milan in 1954, she met the Dutch sculptor Arthur Spronken, when they were both studying at the Accademia di Belle Arte di Brera. The following year they became both artist colleagues and a married couple.

The display presents artistic expression of a family, connected by Varpu Tikanoja. During the planning phase of the exhibition, she has been revealed as the inspiration and source of vitality to all of the family members. All of them, three descending generations, have now returned home: Varpu to her childhood home and her children to their grandfather’s house filled with art.

Varpu and Arthur had a big family, five children in all, some of which also became artists. Caius Spronken, like their father, oriented himself towards sculpture, while his younger sisters Siiri and Kore, for their part, chose painting, as had their mother. All the artist siblings also found partners who were artists.

The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and interactive installation. Only one displayed object, bronze sculpture of Frithjof Tikanoja, is from a public collection. All other pieces belong to private collections and have rarely been on display, some of them never before. The exhibition is produced by Vaasa City Museums and curated by chief of exhibitions, Maaria Salo.

The artists in the exhibition are Arthur Spronken and Varpu Tikanoja, as well as Ree Meertens, Caius Spronken, Kore Spronken and Marjori Overdijk. (NL)


Vers la lumière- French Art from the Tikanoja Collection


Leon Bonnat Kirjoittava tyttö
Léon Bonnat: Writing girl (photo: Mikko Lehtimäki)

Frithjof Tikanoja donated his art and book collections, as well as a number of antiques, to the City of Vaasa in December 1951. Tikanoja’s art collection includes more than 1,000 works of art. Of these, 50 are made by foreign artists and the largest group consists of works by French artists.

Frithjof Tikanoja augmented the collection of French art gradually. Tikanoja made his most significant acquisitions of French art a hundred years ago, in 1921, when he bought works by Edgar Degas, Jean-Louis Forain, Paul Gauguin and Henri Matisse at one time. These works and others, essentially related to French art in the Tikanoja collection, are now presented in the exhibition Vers la lumière.

Paper-based works can only be displayed for a limited time. At first, the Vers la lumière exhibition will feature Paul Gauguin’s eight original prints from the Noa Noa series, which from January 2022 will be replaced by Louis Legrand’s graphics and Edgar Degas’ works. Some of the oil paintings will be changed too.