Kapsäkki – The Ostrobothnian Museum’s Culture Blog

The Ostrobothnian Museum opened its culture blog – Kapsäkki. Kapsäkki has previously been a newsletter on museum issues in Ostrobothnia. The Ostrobothnian Museum is part of the Vaasa City Museums and serves as the regional museum for the Ostrobothnia region.

The blog publishes articles about Ostrobothnia’s local culture, history, art, the built cultural environment, archeology and nature. The authors are the museum staff, local hometown museums and associations, various experts and people enthusiastic about Ostrobothnian culture who want to share their knowledge and ideas with the readers. The blog’s publications are in Finnish, Swedish and English.

If you have interesting topics about local history, buildings, nature, events, museums, an interesting object or a local person, send us an article and we will publish it on our blog. You can also send in images.

Kapsäkki: https://vaasankaupunginmuseot.blogspot.com/2022/02/tervetuloa-lukemaan-kapsakkia.html

Contact person: silvia.rinne@vaasa.fi tel. +358 (0)40 080 3786