Merisiskot in Anthropocene

Merisiskot in Anthropocene 30.3.-25.5.2019 Artist group Merisiskot (Seasisters;  Kati Immonen, Mari Krappala, Elina Ruohonen and Tiina Vainio) work with dark ecology in anthropocene. Dark ecology sheds light on our position in biosphere and our belonging to a living species in a less apparent way than we have been used to. The group tries out different

Saku Soukka: Scope

Vaasa City Art Gallery Senaatinkatu 1 D, Vaasa, Suomi

Saku Soukka’s Scope is a set of work that consists of photos, readymade installations, a voice poem and a video essay. Soukka’s photographs are from 2015–2021 and, apart from two, he has distorted using a simple AI tool. The artist has selected some areas from his photos and allowed an image manipulation software to fill those areas