Heidi Kilpeläinen: Land of Dreams

Vaasa City Art Gallery Senaatinkatu 1 D, Vaasa

Land of Dreams is a 3-channel video installation based on Heidi Kilpeläinen’s Tango Therapy -performance project in 2017─2018. The artist visited reception centers for asylum seekers, as well as the homes of disabled war veterans and war widows, and sang to one person at a time. They could also sing to her in their own

Collection Swanljung

Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art Sisäsatama, Vaasa

Lars Swanljung (14.6.1955 Vaasa – 6.4.2022 Helsinki) collected contemporary art for over thirty years and assembled a major collection comprising over 900 art works from nearly 400 artists. The exhibition open at Kuntsi Museum for Modern Art from February 25th to August 20th 2023, highlights the collection’s Finnish art from the 1980s, but also includes

Kaarina Heikinheimo: 5+ rooms

Tikanoja Art Museum Hovioikeudenpuistikko 4, Vaasa

Visual artist Kaarina Heikinheimo (b. 1946) is known as a textile artist whose career spans over five decades. Already in the beginning of her artistic work, she created experimental works, often on a large scale. She studied in Helsinki from 1965 to 1968 as a student of Kreeta Pohjanheimo and made her debut at Strindberg's

Johanna Pisto & team

Vaasa City Art Gallery Senaatinkatu 1 D, Vaasa

Johanna Pisto & team Science and art in an interactive exhibition 224-11.6 2023   Johanna Pisto and a multi-disciplinary work team will implement an interactive exhibition in Vaasa City Art Gallery. The exhibition combines visual art, music, video, design and technology. On the basis of a research project at the University of Jyväskylä, the sensors


Pohjanmaan museo Museokatu 3, Vaasa

KONTAKTi 28.4-10.9.2023   The Ostrobothnian Artist Union and Vaasa Artist Guild’s joint exhibition KONTAKTi will open at the Ostrobothnian Museum at the end of April. Curated by Aura Seikkula from proposals received through an open call, the exhibition gives an overview of the members’ artistic production and presents a diverse range of local art Through

Saku Soukka: Scope

Vaasa City Art Gallery Senaatinkatu 1 D, Vaasa

Saku Soukka’s Scope is a set of work that consists of photos, readymade installations and a video essay. Soukka’s photographs are from 2015–2021 and, apart from two, he has distorted them with the help of artificial intelligence. The artist has selected some areas from his photos and allowed an image manipulation software to fill those areas with