1868 – 2021 – 2068

Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art SisäsatamaVaasa,

12.6.-24.10.2021 Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art’s summer exhibition, 1868 I 2021 I 2068, brings forward wide social structures and problems that have deep effect on people’s lives in present as well as in the past and future. The series of years in the name of the exhibition symbolise this timeline. The starting point of the

Erik Johansson – Places Beyond

Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art SisäsatamaVaasa,

12.6.-24.10.2021 The internationally successful photographer Erik Johansson is on display for the first time in Finland. The Swedish artist's solo exhibition Places Beyond is exhibited at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in Vaasa. The artist Erik Johansson (b.1985) has succeeded in creating large photographic works containing visual impossibilities that mislead the viewer towards surrealism due

Jan-Erik Andersson

Ostrobothnian Museum Museokatu 3Vaasa,

17.9.2021-13.3.2022 Jan-Erik Andersson (b. 1954) has, during his forty-year career, been calling into question the rules of society and art with his surprising and narrative works. The artist’s multifaceted production includes both performances, spatial art, video, photo and sound works, sculpture as well as architecture. At the Ostrobothnian Museum, we can see a varied display

The Young Artist of The Year 2021 – Joel Slotte

Tikanoja Art Museum Hovioikeudenpuistikko 4Vaasa,

1.10.2021 - 23.1.2022 Visual artist Joel Slotte is the Young Artist of the Year 2021. Slotte is awarded a substantial grant and an opportunity for a private exhibition at the Tampere Art Museum and the Tikanoja Art Museum, which is part of the Vaasa City Museums. He is the 37th recipient of the Young Artist

Anna Niskanen – A Dune is a Wave

Vaasa City Art Gallery Senaatinkatu 1 DVaasa,

9.10.-28.11.2021 Sunlight burns blue traces on the paper, images of the memories I have collected as I wander. They are photographs and eco-facts, endeavors to cling to a moment and place. By repeating my childhood manners of looking for shapes and spending time, I feel a familiar joy of discovery. I used to collect four-leaf

Gösta Diehl

Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art SisäsatamaVaasa,

20.11.2021 - 20.3.2022 Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art will present a wide retrospective of notable Finnish modernist, Gösta Diehl (1899-1964). The exhibition showcases the artist’s overall production from the early works of 1920s to the masterfully made cubist experiments in the 1950s and 60s, when the artist was already acclaimed. In addition to the impressive

Bending Light

Vaasa City Art Gallery Senaatinkatu 1 DVaasa,

4.12.2021-13.3.2022 Bending Light is a light art collective concentrating on light painting photography and its continuous development. Apart from its basic competence, light painting, the group makes light installations such as projection mapping, light sculptures and interactive light works. In Finland, Bending Light is a pioneering group within the light art form called light painting,